10 Benefits of Greenhouse Farming

The advantages of Greenhouse farming is not a new sentence to farmers just like the system, This farming system has been around for many decades.

In the recent past, farmers have been liking and adopting greenhouse farming, due to many advantages associated with it as opposed to open field farming.
There are many advantages of greenhouse farming system that farmers have benefitted from even though the system isn’t rampant.
Greenhouse farming is most practised among farmers who have access to modern technologies and parade the skill to operate more advanced farming.
In this article, we will look at the benefits of greenhouse farming; why it is the future of farming.

Advantages of greenhouse farming

  1. Greenhouse farming gives the farmer complete control of the farm atmosphere.
  2. Greenhouse farming helps to improve pest and disease management.
  3. With Greenhouse farming, plant Predators are easy to control.
  4. Good and high production per unit area
  5. Low cost of production & easy to manage
  6. Requires less labour for quality production.
  7. Ease of waste management

  1. Greenhouse farming allows the farmer to have total control of the farm atmosphere.

One of the biggest advantages of greenhouse farming is that with greenhouse farming, you have just total control of the farm.

This ranges from the temperature on the farm, humidity, and every other activity on the farm.
In producing tomatoes, for instance, tomatoes need at least 3 – 4 months of warm, fairly dry, clear weather to produce best.
It also needs consistent night temperatures between 55°F and 75°F to set fruit.
In most cases, this isn’t the same with the season, the temperature requirements of tomatoes may not be met naturally.
Depending on the time of planting, the weather may not favour tomatoes grown off greenhouses.
This is different in greenhouse farming, one can easily control the temperature and manipulate it to favour the tomatoes inside the greenhouse.
Greenhouses are built to provide crops with a more farming suitable environment, by shielding crops from extreme weather conditions, human activities and preys.
With greenhouse farming, every farmer is in charge.

2. Pest and disease can be managed easily in Greenhouse farming.

Pest and diseases are major problems in agriculture but greenhouse farming, pest and diseases are easily controlled.
Greenhouses are built to prevent unpermitted entrance into the farm, the plants are separated from the outside environment, this is a great way to checkmate pests and diseases and control the same.
Greenhouse farming is a natural way to control pests and diseases on the farm.

3. Greenhouse farming makes it easy to control predators on the farm.

Vegetables grown in the greenhouse are just as safe and as healthy as those in your kitchen garden.

Plant preys such as goats, humans, and other animals that can attack crops are better controlled with greenhouse farming.
Advantages of greenhouse farming
In greenhouse farming, you are faced with worries to implement better farming practices not how to control preys and invaders.
In greenhouse farming, the yield will be much higher and much safer as long as good agricultural practices are observed.

 4.  Greenhouse farming promotes Good and high production per unit area

Greenhouse farming allows the farmers to manage the farm without interference..
You can implement the best farming practices, Farmers who are in greenhouse farming with the right knowledge and skills are witnesses to this.
With greenhouse farming, all you need is the right skill, you will witness high productivity.
In addition, Greenhouse farming allows you to produce all year round, yield is therefore limitless.
It must be nice growing crops in a greenhouse since you can plant any crop at any time of the season.

5. Low cost of production & easy to manage

In farming, Proper management is extremely important and count for how productive the plants are.

Greenhouse farming is easy to manage, it isn’t really difficult, even as a newbie, you can get a lot of tips and videos online that can give you a good start unlike in traditional farming.

With the help of advanced technologies, your farm can be automated, operations can be carried out while you are away from the farm.

This can ultimately save you lots of work and stress while maintaining a great output.

6. Requires less labour for quality production.

A greenhouse requires less labour since the production process is controlled and can be automated.

On average, a medium-sized greenhouse will require 1 worker to perfectly manage the operations in the greenhouse.

Operations such as weeding, spraying of agrochemicals, watering and fertilization can all be automated or carried out by a worker or farm keeper.

Other benefits of greenhouse farming include

7. Ease of waste management

In greenhouse farming, plant waste and products are easily managed unlike in traditional farming.

Summary of advantages of greenhouse farming

To improve productivity on the farm, a farmer needs to have more control of the factors which determine the yield and productivity of crops.
These factors range from temperature and climate, soil fertility, water availability, and many more.
The more control you have over these factors, the better you can make them suit the crops demand. Crops perform better when these factors are at optimal levels.
The advantages of Greenhouse farming are way numerous, farmers at all levels should be encouraged to engage in greenhouse farming.
Disease outbreak has caused a lot of damage on crop yield, with greenhouse farming, diseases can be controlled.
Farms will be more secure to avoid theft and predation.

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